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A warm welcome to the New Year! As students of all ages say goodbye to winter break and head back to school for the spring semester, we here at the Food Alliance want to encourage all our network partners, farmers, and foodpreneurs to think about investing in their own education this year.

Ads and email alerts have been beckoning the coming of Black Friday  at an increasing rate, and it’s nearly here. 

Don’t let the upcoming winter freezes and holiday season stop you from eating healthy - local, fresh produce is more attainable than ever before with Double Up Food Bucks NH! By matching the value of SNAP dollars spent on fresh produce at local grocery stores, Double Up NH helps lower-income families gain access to good-for-you food that also supports local farmers and their communities across the state.

Shift Your Shopping began officially on November 1st and will last until December 31st, giving you a full two months to think about buying locally for the holidays! To match your commitment to the local economy and community values, the NH Food Alliance is spreading holiday cheer by highlighting ways you can show love to local food businesses and farmers during the fall and winter months.