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The holiday season is around the corner and you are likely brainstorming unique gift ideas for your family and friends. The NH Food Alliance Backbone team also has struggled with this in the past, though we have come to a simple solution: Support your local farmers, fishermen, and food businesses! We have been compiling some resources for gift ideas, and welcome suggestions from the broader network. Please visit our Facebook page, like it, and tell us about your favorite places to buy local food products.

The Second-Annual Statewide Gathering was held on November 15th at the Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa in Whitefield. The gathering drew close to 100 people, representing various sectors of New Hampshire's food system, including agriculture and fisheries industries. Some of the organizations and businesses present at this year's event included

In attempts to highlight producers throughout New Hampshire and the struggles they face to remain viable, we've interviewed several farmers, fishers and food producers. This October, we sat down with Andrew Orde of Lull Farm to discuss the impact the drought has had on their business and livelihood. Andrew and his father David Orde run the farm in Hollis, where they cultivate over 250 acres of mixed vegetables, hay, tree fruit, beef cattle, turkeys, chickens and laying hens.

The USDA Northeast Climate Hub is part of a national network, established by the President’s climate action plan in 2013. The Northeast region incorporates territory from Maine to West Virginia, west to New York, including DC. The Climate Hub’s mission is to deliver science-based knowledge and practical information to farmers, foresters and ranchers with regards to climate-based risks. These include invasive species, drought, flooding, and other extreme weather events.

Several of the attendees of the 2016 New England Food Summit hosted by Food Solutions New England (FSNE) have been wondering how to get more involved in the NH food network. Here are a few ways you can get and stay engaged:

1. Help us grow the network. Introduce yourself to us! Share what you are doing in the NH food system with the NH Food Alliance and help "close triangles" by connecting people who could learn from each other across the state and region.