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The New Hampshire Food Alliance is excited to announce the Farm, Fish, and Food Enterprise Viability Initiative.  This initiative entails several areas of opportunity where the network can create conditions that will lead to more profitable and sustainable farm, fish, and food enterprises including Education, Land Resources and Access, Market Development, and Food Accessibility.

Agriculture and food-related businesses can be powerful economic engines, however, these businesses often need support to get started or grow larger. Through her role at the Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC), Katelyn Robinson is helping to provide not only funding, but also technical support, to the agricultural sector of the economy. Her role is to help food enterprises in northern New Hampshire and northeastern Vermont get to the next level.

For more information on NCIC and Katelyn’s work, read on...

Helen Brody is an author, president of NH Farms Network, and active participant in the NH Food Alliance. Her latest book, NH Women Farmers: Pioneers of the Local Food Movement, was released earlier this month and shares stories of women farmers and farm supporters throughout the Granite State. The book also features beautiful photographs from Leslie Tuttle. Erin Allgood, project coordinator for the NH Food Alliance, recently caught up with Helen to ask her what inspired her to write the book and learn more about the NH Farms Network. Read on for the full interview...