In 2018, we will be offering a new way for network partners to connect, through a free, monthly Webinar Series!

We are hosting the monthly webinar series to:

  • Highlight the diversity of food system work happening throughout New Hampshire;
  • Connect network partners across the state and across food system sectors;
  • Create space for sharing updates, asking questions, and promoting upcoming events;
  • Share knowledge and resources; and
  • Build stronger relationships throughout the network.

Toolkit for Local Regulation of Agriculture Toolkit for Local Regulation of Agriculture

January 25, 2018
12:00-1:00 PM
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To kick off our first ever webinar, we will hear from Amy Manzelli, Lawyer with BCM Environmental Land Law; and Theresa Walker, Farmer and member of the Durham Agriculture Commission about the new Toolkit for Local Regulation of Agriculture

As we all know, conflicts surrounding farms are on the rise, be it neighbors challenging farmers, farmers engaging in activities that stretch or exceed what constitutes agriculture, or entrenched attitudes about property rights. We have created a Toolkit for farmers and municipal decision-makers to guide development of local farm friendly regulatory environments in which agricultural enterprises can operate successfully.

The Toolkit: (1) identifies and provides a flow chart of state laws governing farming and agricultural activities, (2) provides a checklist for assessing the farm friendliness of local regulations and policies, (3) discusses the relationship between state laws and town laws, and (4) contains resources for assistance for farmers and municipalities to address conflicts and pro-actively develop farm-friendly regulatory environments.

You can also join Theresa at the Farm and Forest Expo on February 2 at 9:00 AM to learn all more about the toolkit. 

Webinar Details
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12:00: Welcome and introductions
12:05: Learn about the Toolkit for Local Regulation of Agriculture
12:25: Q&A
12:45: Learn about the NH Food Alliance Annual Statewide Gathering
12:50: Network shares: What have you been up to? What upcoming events do you want to promote?

Are We Really Making Change? - Measuring Farm to Institution MarketsFarm to Institution New England logo

February 27, 2018
11:00 - 12:00PM
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Institutions hold the power to build the core of a new regional food system, one that is prosperous, nutritious, and equitable. But we can't understand their impact unless we measure it. In this February Webinar we’ll hear from Nessa Richman, Director of Research and Evaluation for Farm to Institution New England (FINE) about how they are are measuring local food programs in K-12 schools, hospitals, and institutions of higher education and across the food supply chain. Project data comes from national sources including the USDA's Farm to School Census, Health Care Without Harm's annual survey of hospitals, and three original surveys implemented and analyzed by FINE focused on institutions of higher education, food distributors, and farmers.

Join us to learn more about what they've found our about New Hampshire's institutional markets!

Webinar Details
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11:00: Welcome and Introductions
11:05: Learn about FINE's Metrics Project
11:25: Q&A
11:45: Updates on the upcoming NH Food Alliance Annual Statewide Gathering
11:50: Network shares: What have you been up to? What upcoming events do you want to promote?

March Webinar (TBD)

Check back for details on upcoming webinars!