About Our Webinars

In 2018, we are offering a new way for network partners to connect, through a free, monthly Webinar Series! We are hosting the monthly webinar series to:
  • Highlight the diversity of food system work happening throughout New Hampshire;
  • Connect network partners across the state and across food system sectors;
  • Create space for sharing updates, asking questions, and promoting upcoming events;
  • Share knowledge and resources; and
  • Build stronger relationships throughout the network.
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We are currently working on scheduling upcoming webinars. If you have something you'd like to see in the future, please contact us. 


August 21, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

New Food Story

A New Food Story for New England

How we talk about food and our food system has the power to reinforce existing “narratives” or stories. But our communications can also change the way people think about food, their roles in the food system and, ultimately, change their actions and behaviors. Join Lisa Fernandes, Communications Director with Food Solutions New England, to gain foundational knowledge about the importance of recognizing underlying food system narratives! We will also learn about the New Narrative work being coordinated by Food Solutions New England to elevate the stories that will help shift our region toward a strong, healthy and just food system for all. Lisa will offer specific ideas and tools for how to craft your food system communications to avoid pitfalls and to achieve your desired goals more effectively.

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September 20, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Design Thinking and Social Innovation

Join us in September for a conversation with Fiona Wilson, the Executive Director of UNH's Center for Social Innovation. Fiona will be introducing the idea of design thinking, an increasingly popular method to find solutions and strategies to a problem by understanding the user, challenging assumptions, and redefining the issue.  It also creates a hands-on method in ongoing brainstorming, testing, and evaluation of different ideas. In addition, Fiona will talk about the NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC), an idea-based challenge that hopes to inspire students and community members across the state to develop creative, solution-oriented ideas to today's most pressing social or environmental challenges. The SVIC remains accessible to all by emphasizing creative ideas rather than full business plans - the winners of the challenge receive cash prizes and resources to help bring their ideas to fruition. 

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