Our goals for the New Hampshire Food System

  • People understand that their local food choices support thriving businesses, healthy communities, and vibrant working landscapes.
  • Everyone has access to healthy, affordable, and culturally diverse food.
  • Local farm, fisheries, and food businesses are profitable and rewarding to all involved.
  • Policy, regulation, and infrastructure supports long-term local and regional food production, distribution, and marketing.
  • The ecosystems and resources that sustain a robust food system are conserved and enhanced.


Our Strategy

Our overall strategy for realizing our vision and goals includes four components.

1. Food Systems Perspective.The food system is a complex and dynamic interrelation of economic, environmental, cultural, and political factors that influence how food is produced, processed, transported, and consumed. A systems perspective recognizes that change in one part of the system may influence many other parts, and seeks to identify and understand these consequences, both positive and negative.

2. Network building. Networks consist of diverse organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals that align their shared interests around common goals. By growing a network of relationships and connections throughout the food system, we can learn from each other, leverage resources, and increase our impact throughout the state and New England region.  

3. Identifying areas of leverage and opportunity.To determine where to focus our collaborative energy and resources,we listen to and learn from people across the state and region, synthesize research, and together identify areas in the food system where we believe targeted shifts could result in positive impacts throughout the rest of the system. This ongoing and evolving process will ensure that the NH Food Alliance reflects the unique interests and needs of Granite Staters now and in the future.

4. Growing one initiative at a time. By focusing our collaborative efforts on specific, critical concerns, we can continue to nurture the growing network, learn and respond to changing conditions, and achieve lasting, meaningful impact. Therefore, we will expand the scope of the NH Food Alliance one initiative at a time. While farm, fish, and food enterprise viability is the focus of our first initiative, we anticipate that the Alliance’s strategic efforts will expand to other initiatives in the future.




Vision and Goals
The NH Food Alliance envisions a food system that works for all in New Hampshire: people, businesses, communities, and the environment.