2018 Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners Conference

Saturday, October 20, 2018
1801 Fayetteville Road
Durham, NC 27707
United States

Black Urban Growers (BUGs) presents the 8th Annual Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners (BUGS) Conference, convening urban and rural farmers, students, chefs, food product makers, herbalists, nutritionists, consumers, policy makers, educators, activists and organizations from across the country! Roots and Resilience:Preserving Black Land and Reclaiming Self-Determination is the theme of this year’s conference.
Through engaging and participatory workshops, panel discussions and networking events, we will explore the Southern roots of Black Agriculture and its connections and influence on today’s movements for Black food sovereignty, urban agriculture, food systems, reclaiming Black cultural foodways and rebuilding thriving Black communities. The conference will also provide hands-on, skill-building workshops on sustainable agriculture education including soil health, hydroponics, hoop tunnels and other related topics.

Register online here.