Plaid Friday is the New Black Friday!

Deneé Woods

Ads and email alerts have been beckoning the coming of Black Friday  at an increasing rate, and it’s nearly here. 

While the Thanksgiving holiday is a day reserved for family, food and gratitude, the day after has long been held captive by big box stores trying to attract us with massive sales and promotions. Black Friday might follow a day of giving thanks and remembering what’s important, but the day itself has long been about big business.

That’s why we’re working hard to change the narrative of the holiday shopping season. Businesses all over New Hampshire are working together to promote a different kind of shopping trend: Plaid Friday. Replacing the chain store and online shopping frenzy that comes with Black Friday, Plaid Friday aims  to promote shopping at local and independent stores. This laid-back alternative is all about boosting local economies and supporting the small businesses in our community, including farmers and foodpreneurs. This is also part of the bigger Shift Your Shopping campaign, which focuses on shifting those holiday spending dollars back to our communities.

When the Thanksgiving leftovers have been put away and holiday shopping kicks into full gear on November 23rd, don’t forget to show your support for the important work being done by small shops, local food producers and New Hampshire farms and families. If you brave the crowds on Friday, be sure to don your most festive plaid shirt and show off your appreciation for the businesses that make up our vibrant local economy. You’re sure to find some neat (and tasty!) gifts, receive plenty of compliments on your plaid attire, and do your part to help out shops being run by your friends and neighbors.

For more information about specific events happening in celebration of Plaid Friday, head over to the Monadnock Buy Local website where they outline all the details about the alternative shopping approach. And if you have so much fun that Plaid Friday doesn’t seem like enough? Be sure to check out Small Business Saturday and Cider Monday, too.