Policy Watch: Senate Bill 7

Erin Hale

Expanding access to locally produced food benefits both NH consumers and producers who have new customers for their products. For example, the Granite State Market Match program allows SNAP (food stamp) customers to double the value of their benefits at participating farmers markets.  Not only does Granite State Market Match provide low-income residents access to affordable, healthy, local foods, it also brings economic benefits to the participating vendors/farmers, and host communities. As one participating farmer describes it, “we benefit financially, the customers benefit financially, and we all are happier and healthier.”


NH Senate Bill 7 (SB 7) will limit the number of NH residents eligible for SNAP, restricting food access to low-income residents in our state. By restricting eligibility for the federally funded SNAP program, over 17,000 households in NH could lose their SNAP benefits - the majority of them working families with children.  This bill does not save NH money and it will put thousands of families at risk for hunger and food insecurity.  


NH Food Alliance and Hunger Solutions have prepared a fact sheet about NH SB 7 and SNAP benefits.   Please read, share widely with your networks, and encourage others to contact their representatives about this bill.


NH SB 7 Fact Sheet