About Our Webinars

We started our webinars in 2018 as a new way for network partners to connect with us and others in New Hampshire working on issues that affect the food system. Most of our webinars are cost-free and open to anyone intersted in joining us, and we feature different presenters and topics each month! This year, we are hosting the monthly webinar series to:

  • Highlight the diversity of food system work happening throughout New Hampshire;

  • Connect network partners across the state and across food system sectors;

  • Create space for sharing updates, asking questions, and promoting upcoming events;

  • Share knowledge and resources; and

Build stronger relationships throughout the network

New Directions Collaborative Online Workshops

Collaboration within and across organizations and our communities is core to creating strong local food systems.

Our first webinars this year are three co-sponsored online workshops by Beth Tener of New Directions Collaborative, offering hands-on training and tools for working collaboratively, including designing meetings and working in teams virtually. Our staff members who participated in these workshops last fall found them quite valuable, and we thought it would be great to offer this opportunity up to people in our network across the state.

The cost of each workshop is $70.00.  The workshops are two hours long and will be held online using Zoom video-conference, and include handouts. Each workshop has distinct content, so sign up for one or more!

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Miss a webinar or just want to recap on what you learned? View all of our past webinars!
We are currently working on scheduling upcoming webinars. If you have something you'd like to see in the future, please contact us.