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We started our webinars in 2018 as a new way for network partners to connect with us and others in New Hampshire working on issues that affect the food system. Most of our webinars are cost-free and open to anyone intersted in joining us, and we feature different presenters and topics each month! This year, we are hosting the monthly webinar series to:

  • Highlight the diversity of food system work happening throughout New Hampshire;

  • Connect network partners across the state and across food system sectors;

  • Create space for sharing updates, asking questions, and promoting upcoming events;

  • Share knowledge and resources; and

  • Build stronger relationships throughout the network

For our October, November, and December webinars, we will be hosting a three-part series addressing climate change through a food system lens! Stay tuned for details about our upcoming November and December webinars.


November 21, 12:00 - 1:00PM

Farmer Adaptation and Resilience to the Climate Crisis

Projections for climate change in the Northeast forecast increasingly severe precipitation and drought patterns which pose heightened risk to agricultural production. Already, the increased incidence of drought and heavy precipitation events are leading causes of crop loss for vegetable and berry producers.

Alissa White, from the University of Vermont, will present her research from the New England Adaptation Survey which draws upon the expertise of vegetable and fruit farmers across the northeast to explore how farms are adapting to increasingly extreme weather patterns and what resources they need to support farm resilience to climate change. The survey explores practices which producers have already used, or will use,  to manage climate risks. The results of the research offer important insights for farmers and extension professionals who seek to support agricultural sustainability in the face of climate change. 

Alissa works to engage farmers in research on climate resilience and ecosystem services in Vermont and the northeastern US. Alissa spent over a decade working on farms in California and New England before returning to school at the University of Vermont to pursue a graduate degree. Her work is driven by an interest in farmer first approaches and a belief that stakeholder participation in science is critical to creating useful and useable information.

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